Hi, it's Igor

A curious person, also a designer working on digital products and experiences with awesome teams from all over. I try and play a bit with code, where I hack together apps and websites.

Selected Projects

A selecton of my recent projects. More projects and work samples can be provided upon .

Public Space

Public Space will be a place to share, validate your ideas and connect with the right people to build them. No idea is "too dumb" and we don't discriminate or discourage other members because they've shared something we don't like or agree with. Public Space is a safe space.

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Photo of a mockup of the Dockey macOS app.

adidas Train & Run

A free training app turns your smart phone into your personal trainer, providing real-time coaching, voice feedback, free cardio and strength training plans, as well as let's you track your heart rate, pace, speed, routes, calories and your activity.

The team and I have worked on the redesign during my time at Inova IT. With adidas aquiring Runtastic this app has sadly been put off the market.

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Photo of a mockup of the Train & Run iOS app.

Ashoka Austria

Ashoka is an international organization that promotes social entrepreneurship by affiliating individual social entrepreneurs into the Ashoka organization.

Together with Joris Rigerl I have worked on Ashoka's website design as a probono project during my studies at the FH Joanneum.

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Photo of a mockup of the Ashoka Austria website.


You can always reach out with questions and comments about my projects or work process. If you're just starting out in design and need help, message me on Twitter or via Email.