Play more, help more

This was made as a submission for Young Lions Austria, a yearly event where the winner gets to represent Austria on one of the biggest design and advertising festivals in the world the Cannes Lions Festival. Joris Rigerl and I were competing in the category "cyber" where the challange was to make an advertising campaing for the Young section of the Austrian Red Cross. The campaign should appeal to young people from 12-20 years old and motivate them to take part in the organisation.

We made an app where youngsters would compete in teams of 3 in a nation wide challange, gathering points for every good deed they committed and recorded. There are three types of challanges. "Good deed selfie" where they would go to for example an old peoples home or hospital and spend some quality time with a stranger, making their stay there a bit nicer. "Quiz", where you compeete with other teams in answering questions about the Red Cross. "Red Cross Course", where you could visit one of the coures they offer and gather some new knowledge.

Teams could always see where they stand on the leaderboard and if the grand price is in their reach. Gathering points would also get them smaller prices on the way, for example they could get free entry to the swimming pool for 200 points or cinema tickets for 400.

Since the competition was in German so is the app.

Splash screen with the Red Cross logo
Overview of the challanges they could make
The team would get their own little page
Good deed selfie
Wow, you just got free entry to the swimming pool
The feed of what all the teams have been doing
They could check the leaderboard every time