That natural feeling

This was made as a university project with Clara Wildberger and Susanne Fellner. The theme was to make a concept of a store. We thought it over and ended up making a sex shop.

The difference between ours and other sex shops is the fact that we would only sell products that have been tested and approved for not being harmfull to the users body. We found out that more than 50% of all products, sold in most sex shops, are made from cheap plastic materials that are being known to cause cancer. And it is because of that, that we said we would not sell sh*t like this in our store. The idea was also to make the retail stores accessable even to children and teens that are discovering their bodies and have the staff answer questions they might have. That being said there wouldn't be any pornographic material in the store, the films and magazines would be presented to adults only after a request. Customers could also feel the materials of each product, since they would be presented in the shop out of the packing.

We went with the name NĀKED, which is a bit controversial, and with a turquoise as our main color. The website is made bright and with a lot of pictures. We also created custom icons for the body parts the product could be used on and you can always see what material it is made from and its country of origin.

You can select the category you want to browse on the homepage.
The products are listed along with the price, material, and "usage".
There is also the country of origin in the description.
The staff is described with a quirky quote and you can access their email addresses for questions anytime.